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[Free Download] Clight – Open Heaven

Posted by on 10/07/2021 0

Top Cameroonian gospel music minister, Clight release another powerful single titled “Open Heaven”

Stream and download below…




Open Heaven Lyrics
The highest praise in our community 3x)
Give to God oh the highest praise.
The highest praise in our community 3x)
Give to God oh a military praise.

Give to God the praise,
Sing to God the praise,
Shout to God the praise,
Celebrate to God the praise.
Hallelujah praise him,hallelujah praise him( repeat)
Hosanna praise him, hallelujah praise him (rep)
Children of God praise him,hallelujah praise him (rep)
Engels of God praise him, hallelujah praise him (rep)

I’ve come on the earth to worship my God, I’ve come on the earth to praise him (rep)

Heaven is open wide looking on me, I track on scorpions, Snakes and they do me no harm, his Engels are evident working with me, I will dance and praise the Lord

Thank you, thank you oh Lord, thank you oh my Lord (rep)

Open heaven, let your glory come down on us oh Lord, descending, descending, descending like the dove.

(Stand farm and see how God is good 3x) great is he that lives in me

The Lord my God is so great, I’ll glorify and praise his name.
The Lord God is so great, I’ll the Lord God and praise his name.
Ta chie wer ta cher rab ngwi egah sick wor 3x), tsah womne ngwi egah sick wor ( there’s no one like God on the earth 3x let’s worship God on this earth)
When you Wake up in the morning (call him)
In the noon time (call him)
Be it in the night (call him) any time he will he will hear

The love of God in my heart can’t be quench, can’t be consume. The Love of God in my heart can’t be taken, can’t be turn off.

The word of God is solid foundation. The name of the Lord is strong tower.

What ever you do, (you can sacrifice)
In the house of God (you…. )
In the kingdom of God (you…..)
Sacrifice for the word to grow.
With your money ( you……)
With your time (you….)
With your energy( you….)
Sacrifice for the word to grow.

Jehovah Jere (you’re so good)
Jehovah Rafa( you’re…..)
Jehovah Nisi (you’re…)
Jehovah talk and do (you’re….)

What the Lord has said ( shall be permanent)2x
In your life ( shall…)
In your career (shall..)
The is my portion ( in the land of the living) 2x
I shall succeed (in the..)
I shall be fruitful (in the…)
I shall do the work of God (in the…)
I shall prosper ( in the ….)

We’re serving a miracle God eh we’re serving a miracle God

O Lord my God Jesus, every I want to praise your name.

Jesu reign (ils Reign)
Mon Dieu Reign(ils..)
Mon saveur Reign (ils…)
Mon rédacteur Reign (ils… )
Mon libérateur Reign ( ils…)
Ils as toutes poussant ( ils… )
Le seigneur Jésus Reign ( ils es toutes poussant )
O Mon roi Reign (ils es…)
Ils es partout partout ( ils es… )
Il es à l’intérieur ( ils es…)
Ils es où delà de tout ( ils es…)
Ils es où supérieur ( ils es….)
O mon Reign (ils es..)
O Mon roi Reign (ils es…)

Louer louer eh louer Jésus oh
Louer louer eh louer le seigneur

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